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Stone Temple Pilots

Mar 7th at 5PM / 3 notes

Simply put, I WON!

I won Free Tickets to the much awaited Stone Temple Pilots concert here in Manila on March 9, 2011. Yes, that will be this Wednesday. Third day of the week.

2-3 weeks ago my life and world was rocked when I learned about the Aerosmith LIVE IN MANILA concert. I am so fucking sure that I am going. Told myself that I am getting a VIP ticket, it’s expensive but I thought, Steven Tyler’s not getting any younger and not that I am praying or anything, only time can tell when he’s gonna retire. Or ok, DIE. It is a sad truth that we have to accept. And one more thing, the concert’s first schedule was March 19. Which happens to be.. my birthday..

I was sure about going but not sure if it’s true, after all, there’s no announcement from the boys, themselves. So I went online. Research and voila, found At The Womb. It’s a rollercoaster ride. I met Miggy Matute, yes, of Blue Jean Junkies. Astig no?

Well, he’s one of the writers, I think. But going through the site, I found out that he’s the editor-in-chief. So ako na ang ume-FC sa EIC. PAK!

Fast forward.

I realized this entry is supposed to be for Stone Temple Pilots and not Aerosmith! XD Sorry, hindi ako maka-move on. Aerosmith concert is a HOAX, according to Joey Kramer so there, my life saving’s not going to receive any action. :D YAY! =))))))))))))))

At the Womb had a contest, “Win Free Tickets to Stone Temple Pilots. I was so disappointed with the Aerosmith concert that I wasn’t in the mood for joining any contest or watch a concert for that matter.

But I told myself, “wala naman mawawala kung sumali ako

From March 1 to March 4, I joined but nothing happened. I didn’t win. :( It was a 5-day contest but I can’t join the 5th day since I have an exam. So that’s it. I gave up.

Only to find out that AT THE WOMB, again, sort of extended the concert. Well, they gave a 2nd chance to others. :D

I joined. This time, I am determined to win.

And I did.


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